How The Mighty Fall - E.J. Chadwell

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How The Mighty Fall - E.J. Chadwell

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Sometimes the victim needs a little killing. 

So, who killed media mogul Connie Ross during the party on her yacht? 

Find out for yourself in this Global eBook award winning mystery thriller that is rich in action, drama, and intrigue which will delight fans of high-octane adventure.

Her mysterious disappearance exposes a web of shockingly dark and twisted secrets. Despite their differences, newly partnered Detectives Mirabelli, a missing person’s detective, and Burns, a brilliant, but tormented homicide detective looking to restart his sidelined career, must quickly find a way to work together while walking a political and media tightrope if they ever hope to solve this baffling case.

“A great mystery has readers so immersed in the action that the book’s pages fly by as readers look to determine the murderer.”

“An enthralling murder mystery that is set in the city that never sleeps - the ending is powerful.”

“I was so surprised- I never saw it coming! For an avid reader and mystery fanatic, that never happens.”

“This mystery novel is a lot of fun, a real page-turner, with colorful characters and compelling detail.”

If you are a mystery thriller fan, you are in for a real treat!

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