The Prisoner's Release - Kyell Gold


The Prisoner's Release - Kyell Gold


This anthology collects the original story "The Prisoner's Release," published in Sofawolf Press' Heat, with three other tales from Argaea:

"Inside the Cage" A young prostitute who will be familiar to readers ofVolle strikes out on his own, desperate to change his life. And he does, though not in the way he expects to.
"The Prisoner's Release" The story that began it all. Finding himself in prison with little hope of escape, Volle clutches at the seeming affections of a new guard. But is he only what he seems?
"Home Again" Back in Ferrenis, Volle struggles to re-adjust to life as a commoner.
"For Love or Family" A young noble wolf chafes at the constraints of his family life, finding solace in the arms of a secret lover. But how far will he go to keep his secret?

Illustrations by Vince Suzukawa, Taurin Fox, Adam Wan, and Leo Magna.
Cover by Sara Palmer.

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