Griffin Ranger 2: The Monster Lands - Roz Gibson


Griffin Ranger 2: The Monster Lands - Roz Gibson


Stranded—alone on an alien world, where the very air is toxic.


Captive—held by terrifying, ruthless creatures who can’t be understood or reasoned with.


Griffin Ranger: The Monster Lands concludes the story begun in Griffin Ranger: Crossline Plains, as Ranger Harrell seeks to discover the fate of his missing daughter and the other creatures taken by the greenies.


Harrell White-shoulders and his companions find themselves trapped in a hostile, unfamiliar world: our own Earth. A world of thin, polluted air, deadly cars, and dangerous, xenophobic natives.


Harrell is a prisoner of the greenie’s monstrous allies, where nothing is certain except that nobody leaves their clutches alive.


Investigator Kwap and Tirrsill are left utterly alone, fighting starvation, lethal disease, and the strange land’s terrifying inhabitants. Hunted at every moment by enemies who won’t stop until both of them are dead.


Harrell and his companions struggle to endure captivity—witnessing unspeakable atrocities, fighting back any way they can—all the while knowing time is running out for all of them.


Their only hope lies with Kwap and Tirrsill, who not only have to survive in a land determined to kill them, but outwit their enemies and find Harrell and the other griffins before it's too late.

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