Furry Trash

Some species just aren’t given the rub of the green. Ostracised and stereotyped because of who they are, this anthology gives the chance to shine a light amongst the garbage piles. From the trash panda to the bin chicken, this will be an exploration of the less glamorous side of the furry fandom.

We’re seeking a wide range of stories, with a wide range of species. Bring in your local ‘trash’ for some unique takes on the theme, or use one of the classics in a new light. Even if your main character isn’t a trash species, show how society still considers them such and show their struggles.

The stories must be furry/anthro in some way, but we’re not going to dictate just what that means. Bring your own interpretation to the theme, and justify it with your story.

We are not looking for any erotica themes in this anthology. If sexual themes are needed in your story, fade-to-blacks are acceptable for the naughty scenes, but please not explicit or erotic descriptions at all. Darker themes are welcome, but glorification of rape, racism, and similar divisive themes are not. If you aren’t sure if your story idea/theme is acceptable, please email to confirm.

Reprints are acceptable, so long as any exclusive rights have expired before submission. Simultaneous submissions are not accepted. Multiple submissions are welcomed, though it is unlikely more than one story per author shall be accepted for the anthology.

Word count is 2000-10,000. Some leniency may be given to stories partially over the word limit, but not below.

Payment is 1c/word (AU$) plus a contributor’s copy.

Please adhere to all standard Jaffa Books submission criteria for all formatting requirements. http://www.jaffabooks.com.au/submission-details/

Please send all submissions to jfrcoates@jaffabooks.com.au with the anthology title in the subject line.


Submissions close 30/11/2017

Release Date: FurDU 2018